October 4, 2013 @ 11:14 AM

Play Up is a humour therapy program run by the Arts Health Institute, utilising play to stimulate memory and encourage people to “Play Up to one’s potential”.  The program has had comparable results in reducing agitation levels as achieved by antipsychotic medications...without the adverse side effects. To assist the program, Join the Dots held a toy making workshop to equip the performers with a range of toys designed to stimulate memory and provide a little tactile magic.

The event was kicked off by a multi generational performance night which included performers ranging from 6 - 92 years old. We saw mime artists, magicians, musicians, and story tellers, followed by discussion around age and it’s impact on memory and creativity.

A two day toy building workshop followed, creating a range of 'tactile memory aids' and 'mini-escapes' within suitcases. The creations are currently being tested by Playup performers.