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Tasman Munro


Hello, I'm a Social Designer working on projects that promote social growth and fight for social justice. I have developed a practice called 're-authoring design' that approaches community work through storytelling and collaborative making. This comes from an interest in the intimate and creative experiences that happens through co-design and their ability to encourage growth in challenging situations. I see co-design as a place for mutual learning and collective action, It is exciting to connect with local knowledge and practice while offering my own experiences in object, spatial and system design, illustration, research and woodworking. 



2019 Ghahve Kune, Refugee Welcome Centre
2019 Openings, Swamp Gallery
2018 Design for Social Justice, Design Innovation Research Centre
2018 Virtually Just, Downing Centre for Sydney Design Festival
2018 Designing Justice, UTS library for Sydney Design Festival
2018 Memory Aids, Australian Design Centre
2017 New beginnings, 107 Projects
2016 Wilderbeest Workshop, UTS library for Sydney Design Festival
2013 Interpretations, Australian Design Centre
2013 3x3x3, Powerhouse Museum
2013 Yardmaster, DabLab Gallery
2012 The Analogue Crusader, Film screening at Sydney MCA
2011 Redesigning the Emergency Ambulance, London Design week
2011 Creative Adventures, Atelier Uberall Berlin
2010 Paper Trail, Plump Gallery
2006 Art by Design, Kinokuniya Gallery
2004 DesignTech, Powerhouse Museum



2018 Nominated for UTS Human Rights Award
2018 DIRC awarded Career and Professional Development Award
2017 Community Appreciation Award, Settlement Services International
2016 ILC rated ‘exemplary’ by OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments
2014 Group nomination for UTS Human Rights Award
2014 ILC nominated for International Corrections and Prisons Association Award
2014 Marrickville Independent Artist Grant
2012 Best animation at the Lucky Film Festival, MCA
2010 NSW Travelling Design Scholarship, British Council