November 9, 2011 @ 11:11 PM

Recently in Berlin we organised the next step in a series of European Screenings of The Analogue Crusader, this time we cloaked it in a night of creative sharing, offering local and international artists the opportunity to share and discuss their work over mulled wine, dinner and a disco ball. We saw work from wonderful painters, printers and sculptors from Australia and Berlin, projections and installation from Japanese artists, dancers and performances from Australia and the middle east, a great selection of short films from all corners of the globe as well as a Gypsy jam session for good measure.

The night was held at Atelier Überall, a cosy Co-working space with a shop front gallery sandwiched between a sound studio in the basement and a series of loft artist spaces hanging above the gallery. It was an absolute dream to work with the guys there. With rent in Berlin being as ridiculously cheap as it is, many spaces can transcend beyond the desperation of making ends meet into the heavens of real community arts. A place filled with people eager to help, a place that thanks you for coming in to set up your own exhibition (like they expect to do everything and your offerings are a bonus), a place that instead of paying them they offer to pay you, a place that will run the bar all night, make mulled wine and dinner for a hundred people, sell it at cost price and then hassle you when you try to do the dishes. As I said, I think I experienced a taste of artist heaven.