Tasman Munro

Social Design (design for positive social outcome)

Bachelor of Industrial Design, first class honours

University of Technology, Sydney 2008


After interning as a teenage cabinet maker Tasman enrolled in Industrial Design at UTS in 2005, excited to “make stuff”. He was awarded with first class honours and a scholarship to study material sciences and design for assembly in Sweden, however upon returning Tasman became disillusioned with the profession's focus on mass production and consumerism...and almost dropped out. In 2007 however he caught wind of the influential 'Design for the Other 90%' exhibition in New York, which sparked the realisation that design can be used for the better. Since then he has focused on design for positive social outcome, collaborated on a range of exciting international projects, tutored at UTS and endeavoured to raise awareness of Social Design here in Australia. Recent endeavours include:


  • CoDesigning Intensive Learning Centres for maximum security prison - Designing Out Crime, Kevin Bradley
  • Lecturing at UTS on Sustainability and Socially Responsible Design
  • Woodworking workshops for refugee community in western Sydney - Setlement Services International
  • Wilderbeest Workshop, portable workshop for community building projects - Powerhouse
  • Four years on health projects in remote Indigenous housing - Christian Tietz, Designlab
  • Improving hygiene and usability of patient tables in NSW hospitals - Designlab
  • Sustainable TV design - Baumann Meyer
  • UK Ambulance Redesign - Internship at the Royal Collage of Art, London
  • Creating/running community arts spaces in abandoned Hackney shopfronts - Well Furnished
  • Animation and pop up book to promote community poetry - The Redroom Company
  • Nutrition and food sharing - Internship with the renowned Gijs Bakker, Amsterdam



  • 2014    Intensive Learning Centre design team nominated for UTS Human Rights Award
  • 2014    Arts and Cultural Grant - Marrickville Council   
  • 2013    Wildebeest workshop selected for 3x3x3 Design Challenge, Powerhouse Museum
  • 2012    The Analogue Crusader screened at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
  • 2012    Article published in Flamingo (London art magazine)
  • 2012    Interviewed by D*Hub on scholarships and Social Design
  • 2011    Feature article in Powerline, Powerhouse magazine
  • 2011    Reviewed in Spectrum (SMH) for The Analogue Crusader
  • 2010    Design NSW Travelling Scholarship winner
  • 2010    Guest speaker at DesignTECH, Powerhouse museum
  • 2006    ISSON Eyeware design competition winner
  • 2006    Eyeware design published in LINO magazine
  • 2006    Shortlisted for Launchpad design competition
  • 2004    Powerhouse DesignTECH award for furniture design

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2012 - Flamingo Magazine: Running Arts centre in London Squat

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